July in Holland should be sunny and warm but the rain gods had other
ideas, still this did not stop the 928ers from coming out and staying
out as you'll see from some of the pictures below. Some of the more
crazy ones even taking the opportunity to wash their babies for the
most beautiful car competitions......and it paid off because the
madman you see in the picture actually won the competition!!!

Also the bad weather made the flights in the four-seater planes all
the more interesting... at least for some of the people. 
Some even had a go at taking the controls themselves!!

It was not ALL bad weather of course and the sun smiled on the
participants for the photo shoots.

Reception & lunch at the Porsche importers and then a great
presentation on the history and technical aspects of the 928, 
many thanks to the direction and staff who put on a fabulous show.

So scroll down for a glipse at the activities and fun and don't
forget that you can be part of it all next year.
We look forward to seeing you there! 

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