The Porsche 928 is the only front engined, water cooled V8 ever to be produced by Porsche. These two facts, which were the result of innovative design work would ironically lead to the demise of this most elegant and agile supercar. Designed in the early seventies and with the original intention of being powered by an engine of about 6 litres the 928 was beset by problems from the start, not least the middle east oil crisis which saw the market for BIG sports cars dwindle. The 928 was never accepted in general by the masses of Rear engined, air cooled Porsche traditionalists as it was billed from the outset to be the replacement of their dearly beloved. But this Porsche would be no 911 clone instead it was, unlike its predecessor designed from the ground up and when "Project 928" was completed the result was years ahead of many if not all of its market rivals.

The NEW Porsche 928 was unveiled at the Geneva show of 1977 and the motoring world was taken aback by its futuristic looks and features. Powered by a more conservative than intended 4.5 litre engine it began to sell modestly. The following it was European Car of the year. In 1979 the first development of the model came along in the form of the 928S, this was more powerful with an output of 300HP in place of the original 240HP due to an increase in displacement to 4.7 litres. This in turn was followed in 1983 by the 928S2 (the "S" by the way standing for "series" and not Sport). Power was now up to 310 HP and Torque to a massive 400Nm, it had a new fuel injection system,Bosch LH Jetronic and could be delivered with Anti-Block braking System and a four speed automatic transmission.

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