The following revision of the model came in 1985 and was only available in the United States (or at least this is what most of the available litrature would have us believe, in fact a rare specimen was uncovered at the THE FIRST EURO-928 MEETING!! an S3 with a European Chassis No in original condition), this was the 928S3 or the 928 S 32valve. This model saw displacement rise to 5 litres. It had the same fuel injection system using the same throttle housing but different inlet manifolds the late 1986 cars also had the new upgraded brakes and some suspension parts to be found on the next revision. This was of course the 928 S4. The S4 was first seen in September/October 1986 and was the most comprehensive revision of the 928. It had smother curves on the front end, revised rear end with almost wrap-around taillights. Power was again up now to 320 HP and top speed was on the high side of 270 km/hour. Traction was improved also with the introduction of wider rear wheels with 245/16" tyres. The S4 was also released in a more powerful form on a limited basis these were the 928 SE and the 928 Club Sport, these had more aggressive cam profiles, wider rear track and were all manual cars. The SE was equipped with a lot of the creature comforts which had been ommitted from the CS in the interest of weight. This was the predecessor of the great 928 GT. Introduced in 1989 the GT had all the performance features of the CS but were generally available and also had the weight limiting features such as lighter airco. compressors, exhaust system etc. This like the SE and CS had the 330 HP engine, a higher rev limit and idle speed at 100 rpm higher than that of the S4.

The final incarnation of the Porsche 928 was the 928 GTS, a brutally quick Grand Turismo. Visible changes from the S4 were to be seen in the form of flared rear arches giving the GTS an even more menacing look on the road, teardrop mirrors, body colour rear spoiler and reflective band across the rear end. Power was now at 350 HP thanks to re-designed 5.4 litre engine with longer stroke, revised lubrication system and bearing configuration. This engine could produce 500 NM of torque guaranteed to stick anyone to the back of the seat! Bigger brakes again and even bigger tyres all round. In this car you could out pace almost anything on the road and if you were passed you can be guaranteed that the driver was not as comfortable as you were! This was the last and some would say greatest 928 produced. They all have their qualities and idiosyncrasies and are all truly great cars each of them a length ahead of the pack but unfortunately not recognized as such. When we look back twenty years of development and survival against sometimes unfair odds seems to have gone all too fast but even the best things have to surrender to time as it's older air cooled brother is now seeing but it always leaves one thinking "what if.." The 928 will be a classic, if not to the mainstream then to the faithful following it has spawned in its production years and it is up to them to keep the spirit of this greatest of GT cars alive.

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